Pumpkin Chuckiní Competition

Rapid Cityís Annual Pumpkin Festival was held downtown this year on October 2-3.† The ChE Car team spent a couple weeks constructing, modifying and calibrating a trebuchet to launch 1-2lb pumpkins at the Pumpkin Chuckiní Competition.† This event provided a great opportunity for the new members to start getting involved in on-campus activities.† Changing multiple variables and developing different calibration curves through repeated testing was also a good refresher on how to properly obtain data and create accurate calibration curves.

The teamís hard work and preparation paid off in the end.† Our persistent testing allowed us to place 2nd in the competition overall.† The team is also especially proud for launching the most accurate pumpkin toss of the day.† By chuckiní our pumpkin to within one foot of the target, we proved the accuracy of our calibration curves.† Second place received a $200 cash prize from CAMP at SDSMT.† Fundraising is very important for our team this year as we have many ambitious goals to reach.