The ChE Car Team has put a lot of time and effort into recruiting new members and building a stable team.  The team has been very visible on campus while increasing recruitment efforts. 

Membership has increased from 6 to 18 students during the fall semester.  These large numbers have allowed us to accomplish many things this year.  We have designed the car we will be using at the 2011 Regional ChE Car Competition.  This design is summarized in Car Design.  At the end of the fall semester we built most of the car’s components, often with multiple versions.  Within the first couple weeks of the 2011 Spring Semester we plan on having an operable car.  Check back for an update on our car before the Regional Competition in Laramie. 

An increase in membership has allowed ChE Car to participate in more campus activities and events.  One of these activities was the Pumpkin’ Chuckin’ Competition (above) in which the team placed 2nd overall.  More details are given in Pumpkin’ Chuckin’.

An increase in membership also allowed us to participate in SDSMT’s Fall Carnival.  The ChE Car Team worked a dart throwing game, awarding prizes for each balloon popped.

The team spent many hours recruiting new members at events such as the Student Org Fair (above), the Camp Kickoff, and the Family Weekend.

For more pictures of what the team has done during the Fall, 2010 semester click here.